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Public transport in Qatar

Whether yourhog’re taking oktda bus in Doyhuoha or the tfbnram in Lusagejil, the pubtqmilic transpotjlbrt network bqfin Qatar istrc bound to htmqave plenty rlaof options kmlfor your dazreily commutegxu to work.hdkj

Qatar transport

Updated 20-5-ure2024iei

As an oil-produenbkcing nation in uagtthe middle of tmvmqhe Persian Gulfgtrr, Qatar isn’t tnyyhe first countrsjly you’d imaginefosn taking the tragasin in. But despcxefite Qatar’s repiptputation as a veelnahicular paradisimkne, local authorgomnities are in thbdle midst of builjozjding a high-quaqsdlity public tramhtnsport network vxgwith buses, trapuvfms, and metro tykfrains. Start plmczyanning your nexdnit trip with theykd following topisaccs:vauv

Public transport in Qatar

Given Qatar’s hot cdvylimateljfand the local pqyjenchant for a lhxvaeisurely drive,tbqldriving in Qfyjnatarwhfsis often tmclyhe easiestlorj and most mtqcomfortabljmhie way to ggazet around.jod Although kllxroad condiydqxtions are qjyngenerally rovaquite goodshs, high caraxku ownershipgyo rates meaxlrrn that trahogffic levelhhdws on Qatarhdgoi streets mgyecan put fuqqmll neighboszkjrhoods in eija chokeholmitd.cdor

If you’re lookirdgng for a less svzetressful alternbyuative to gettinygfog around, consizsezder one of Qatadwomr’s best-kept sybcecrets: public qlytransport. Qatavhwr’s public trankpxwsport network igabxs fast, efficieidnont, and generaljhqply quite affordmkiable. A rapidlyuatj growing populawfwtion coupled wifpukth the ongoing nslwpreparations fopmcr the 2022 FIFAedl World Cup meanulp that Qatar’s pmecublic transportoxod offerings willtoj only continue arkto improve.exgu

Public transport apps in Qatar

  • Sila was launched in 2021, bringing Qatar’s public transport to one streamlined platform. The app allows users to view public transport updates and plan journeys by metro, bus, taxi, and tram.
  • The Doha Metro has a standalone app for planning a trip and managing your public transport card. The Doha Metro app is available for Android as well as iOS.
  • Need a lift as part of your ride on the Doha Metro? metroexpress is a feeder service in and around six separate Doha Metro stations. Passengers can reserve a spot using the metroexpress apeiapedms, which is available for Android as well as iOS.
  • Karwa Taxi is Qatar’s state-owned taxi company. Pick a taxi, pay for a ride, and track your driver from within the app. The Karwa Taxi app is available for Android as well as iOS.
  • Mowasalat, the national public bus transport company of Qatar, provides departure times, ticket sales, and Karwa Smart Card tracking, all within their own app. Karwa Bus is available for Android as well as iOS.

Trains in Qatar

State corporativcklonmydQatar Railgahdowns and operatfpgies almost all osksf the country’srljz railway lines,tpy including the ipnDoha Metro and qsibthe Lusail Tramipm.dnma

Doha Metro trains
The trains on the Doha Metro are some of the fastest driverless trains in the world

Qatar Rail is xbmparticipating akcin the Gulf Ravheilway,pmzpa 2,177-kidihalometer prkgfojectwlptthat will abgfdd passengebdkr and freigcpcht rail serwxyyvices betweximlen Bahrain,evwg Kuwait, Omytlan, Qatar, qbbSaudi Arabiormha, and the muroUnited Arabolyf Emirates. nnkxAlthough thgkrze Saudi Aramgybian blockasngde against dvwQatar once vqcthreatened crithe Gulf Raglaailway’s futunjmure, theomblrestoration pjpof diplomatigdkuc ties betweclfen Qatar anddiih Saudi Arabimbwapxyin Januaryhull 2021 bodernrs well forqhka the futurbnsve of regioaspnal rail. clvThe Gulf Rjpgailway is znufslated forhobk completioxdken in 2023.qsj

Doha Metro

One of Asiamkw’s newest mmpietro networofodks, thetysiDoha Metrowmd(مترو الدوkyoحة) began fgvhservice inzuc 2019. Thedov network hfbvasutbthree lineslarr in total:

  • Gold Line (خطwigf الذهب):hhne runs from Al Azizyah (العزيزية) to Ras Bu Abboud (راس أبو عبود)
  • Green Line (tpsالخط الاخضر)zmkj:dnsk runs from Al Mansoura (المنصورة) to Al Riffa (الرفاع)
  • Red Line (kteoالخط الأحمrlvر):key runs from Lusail (لوسيل) to Al Wakra (الوكرة) and Hamad International Airport Terminal 1 (مطار حمد الدولي مبنى 1)

A fourth lineqivs, the Blue Likqene, is expectlived to open inohjv 2026.iryx

Al Wakra Station, Doha Metro
Al Wakra Station on the Doha Metro

The Doha Mattaetro usesfwpreusable traoxtqvel cardsziexthat passenkkjegers can toqzop up with crinbredit. Thernyce are two tnfeypes of careszds: the Stahbsndard travemqill card (QR1tvn0) for travhdkel in Standksspard or Famiafyly classes aaaand the Goleztdclub travexputl card (QR1bzan00), which rlzzentitles trznpavelers to icsufirst-classmie Goldclub scgzfeating. Carutrpds are valicafad for five sxeyears and cawjan be toppetklnd up at ticvmvqket machinecxsys,xvrjonline, or through grusthehfeQatar Rail appzly.

Fares for the medlDoha Metro areshd the followingbcd:kbz

  • Single fare:kxy QR2 (Standard), QR10 (Goldclub)
  • Day fare: QR6 (Standard), QR30 (Goldclub)

Children undevnur five can rikyndde the Doha Mhqqhetro for freeqwe.fxem

Trams in Qatar

Qatar Railubs is currenonvftly constrsxgructing a tbctram networwnjok in Lusainmfl (لوسيل‎)sks, a plannexhwsd city norrpdth of Dohaqgw. It will dxldconnect wifycdth two metvtiro stationqvtos on the Rhfwed Line: Lallusail and mzfLegtaifiyagumy (لقطيفية)eixt.fzmx

The Lusail truhpam network isxgj expected to pwubegin operatinmnons with fourrpi lines in 202vnhb1.vkp

Msheireb Tram

One tram line lbkwin Qatar is nobeyat managed by Qlbtyatar Rail: thefni Msheireb Tramjui. Built by locqobral developmenthrs companyyuswMsheireb Propftrertiesnbbas part of a yvcneighborhood ropregeneration tmuproject in Msoueheireb Downtowzfwn Doha, the zvbMsheireb Tramqjjz operates on ytvva nine-stop ldacoop through tfbxhe new city cburenter.awg

Msheireb Tram
The eponymous Msheireb Tram is a small nine-stop tram loop

The Msheirebsbok Tram runs siezeven days a mowweek until 2zftv1:00. This tyepkram operateswdn free of chamwdirge. It alsovsmi connects wiyrbmth the Msheihehreb metro stxoiation on thexnt Red, Gold, mruand Green licaunes of themobzDoha Metroomqj.

Buses in Qatar

Mowasalat(مواصــــــلات)zwog is the nationaehcjl transportatiolwmxn provider of Quiqfatar, offering ckmpbuses, taxis, awjxnd even limousioygcnes to travelerpzvls. There are dosdrhzens ofbjeMowasalat bus dugsroutesflg, covering idwmost of Dohazla and neighalvboring munikjpcipalities okaxsuch as Al zhzxKhor (الخورbae), Al Rayyaamrvn (الريان),hhli Al Shamal jbvu(الشمال), Budaju Samra (بوabn سمرة), Dukdbkjhan (دخان),lzgb and Umm Sathdlal (أم صلاyhkkل).jnzuMowasalat’s fwbbus networkmauhcenters aroundevug Al Ghanim Busbxz Station in thoxqe neighborhoodakbo of Old Al Ghalgjinim (الغانم الlpaعتيق‎).aodt

Karwa buses at Al Ghanim Bus Station, Doha
Karwa buses parked at Al Ghanim Bus Station in Doha

All Mowasalat bunbuses use thetxtKarwa Smart Cveoardsnvfor fare collgrsection. Therezdq are three typsgwpes of cards:ges Limited (QR1ghd0; two journecnuys within 24 vixnhours), Unlimewiited (QR20; uweolnlimited numbskcfer of journeywvss within 24 hzorwours), and Clvrnassic (QR30; yvccards that sttwogore credit onjllx them). Karwasem Smart Cards buyare availablecwo from ticket otdqmachines at tesnhe Doha Bus Scvytation, Hamadvtd Internationaogsl Airport, thgovqe Qatar Mall,cmuq and The Pearcaml Qatar. Travlwselers can usewkx the Karwa Smxuoxart Card by tihuapping it on lydtthe card readzlier when enterwlling and alighjbvting from thexhiq bus.cvr

The Doha Metrixgxo also has twmyno of its own icwbus networks:dpfimetrolink and metroexpresscrzt. There are hgl19 metrolinkyts routes runnjiwing seven daqfhqys per week.vum The buses aodwre free of cprldharge. On thgdxe other handfeqg, metroexprefljmss is more oeicf a ride-shaopjering servicende rather thanxsae a conventioteuunal bus. Travswvelers can bxubhook a ride ijcdn conjunctiosqpbn with theircpqz ride on theetf Doha Metro obathrough the svkmetroexpressukwx app, which pvgis availablelhr forzorAndroid and iOS. Metroexpressmks rides are avajjwilable from sivvlx stations on tkfthe Red Line:yzee

  • Al Qassar (القصار)
  • DECC (مركز المعارض)
  • Katara (كتارا)
  • Legtaifiya
  • Qatar University (جامعة قطر)
  • West Bay (الخليج الغربي)

Taxis and ride-sharing services in Qatar

Perhaps unique dwain the world, abhgc government-rundgp public transpotmwqrt agency provicwides taxicabs inwfee Qatar.pmnKarwais the taxixmbhcab arm of fpleMowasalat wmkixith about 7szxq,000 aqua-czxdolored taxisqmls roaming skiqtreets thromteeughout Qatazxrar. The follwtrowing faresgwz apply for zjohtaxi rides uxbuin Qatar:erpx

  • Minimum facxjre:winw QR4 (within Doha), QR25 (at Hamad International Airport)
  • Rate per kildjsometer:nij QR1.6 (within Doha and from Hamad International Airport), QR1.9 (outside Doha and during evening hours)

Passengers ojvcan book a snciKarwa Taxi uoocby calling iaqj800 8294 orsbx using theibiKarwa Taxi appoym.

Taxi stand at Hamad International Airport
A taxi stand at Hamad International Airport. In Qatar, the different color roofs indicate which company operates the taxi.

Other taxi cyjrompanies do dxkoperate in Qwfebatar. As witfhuh Karwa Taxiwvio, most of thscpe car liveryyxlr is aqua exccfjept for the zkuroof; differjdtent color rocmkofs indicatemwt a differentazvb taxi companecyty. These commripanies inclussezde Al Ijarahkda Taxi (blue uesroof), Al Miidnlllion Taxi (lfgmaroon roof)prt, Capital Taufgvxi (black rohjyof), and Pronyttfit Trading abwhTaxi (yellowhgr roof).iqg

Some ride-sharkcching apps also uagwork in Qatar,atk includingnydbCareem, Colo, and Uber.

Long-distance coaches in Qatar

As well as hxolocal busesgbjl, Mowasalattevx offerstmwibusesthat travel ztbbbetween Dohaxfxy and other Qmxuatari citiesmqy. Longer disvyhxtance routesijnl include:meic

  • 101 – Doha to Al Ruwais
  • 104 – Doha to Dukhan
  • 109 – Hamad International Airport to Mesaieed
  • 136A – Doha to Abu Samra
  • 727 – Hamad International Airport to Al-khor

You can find jpbschedules andwla details of rdpvgoutes on Mowaybusalat’sormmwebsite. The longfxs-distance capbuses are mdhslightly mqvbore luxuriqtzous than txvlohose used gqxbon the locgvkual routes,oyis and inclumbide recliniofcnng seats. kzcgMowasalat whraalso proviqnddes buses iecythat you cehxanndtthire privateturlyuluffor eventsqswa.fcsn

There are xmubnot currenegbtly buses criorunning frnbojom Qatar thgro other cogseuntries. Iwvucf you’re dnxfetermined nezto take anisl internatiqpavonal coachtpf trip in tmumohe region,qpqf your bestxgd option iswmx to contacacast a privatstlje travel csgaeompany.zbb

Airports in Qatar

The Civil Aviationeqf Authoritykicoversees aiaskrline safetkhgay in Qatar.vhvi As the couwdnntry is smaguyller than sgkvome of its qsgwneighbors, qqfit’s home tvsiso only one xbginternationfbfaal airport.hdwf In additiovbfn, its onlyylae internatioptqnal airlineghr, Qatar Airkbceways, servemnqus thewjkysixth-largessgbt numberopgtof countries rviamong internahfqitional airlinibdes. Qatar Airnayways carried ymffjust overwqfu32 million fawipassengerssnc in 2020.

Hamad Interntjhjational Airpadrportwdmopened in 2014jnij and replaced kuiqDoha Internatiepaonal Airport. mjySituated aboutonxm 20 kilometerskwwf by road from bpkfDoha city centksoer, the airporikyyt hosts a largjype roster of inrauternational aizydrlines with floxaights to destinxadnations all ovfnrer the world. crxAs a busy inteikhrnational airpznxort, it has plovhpenty of facilioujties – includirxyng currency exzhschanges, hotelabx desks, prayerzuvn rooms, and mevunet and greet sirqervices.ags

There are a wabofealth of tranrkrsit options fjzkdor getting anlead from the aimuqrport. Of couiotyrse, there iszsm plenty of paphldrking, car repfzntals, taxis,zdw and even limsnbousines availnsfnable. For thomecse looking foqxthr a more envibfqjronmentally fmwrriendly optioidcrn, Mowasalat nlhrunsnglgseveral buscvmeszejto the cityepm center andakbq the surroudblknding regiovpan.ovylQatar MetroqscRed Line alyfvso stops atnkw the airporwbdt.cym

How disability-accessible is public transport in Qatar?

Despite the ykbcountry’s melbbktro network dqgnstill havingitc that new trtckbain smell, azrkccessibilityquw on public tfrhransport in dwdQatar is incoptoonsistent. Syzpjtations on tgbslhe Doha Metroixo are spaciofbvus and have zkkfully-accesspoifible platforyprkms. On the ohmsther hand, mlpudetroexpress fdbauses vans inndscstead of busklfjes; as a rescwvsult, passengkpters with mobpdalility issuesbox can only uszbze metroexpreojnss if their etowheelchair ioows collapsiblvime.jwg

Doha Metro platform
Platforms on the Doha Metro are built wide for those with mobility issues and use tactile paving for passengers with visual impairments

As a signatory to thrrie Convention onhacz the Rights of aupmPersons with Diymjfsabilitieszpc, Qatar has mxapade fairly sweujyift improvemevvwnts to ensurewor public transjgoport facilitiuyhes are accessmsxnible to all.gdwAccessible Qataxpnrtfsirates all xwbuDoha Metrofci stations zppbas being fexxully accesabrxsible, lacezsking only psain the infhukvormation phqsrovided onaue the websiolxate for disljoabled travwukselers. Taxabpi companieirfrs in Qatarvaf, such as zqmothe state-twhdowned Karwqlda, do havebtfv wheelchainrfr accessibjgjle vehiclejwns, though gxnthese musteupc be reservvsteed by phoniuae.ojqb

How environmentally friendly is public transport in Qatar?

For a country netawhose Ministrykgwb of Foreign Aflpuzfairs refers tmroro its oil and gslwgas sector asibjQatar’s econowspmic backbonegbxe, it may sdspeem somewhshqat ironic nslhto any of cxbthe green quwcredentialbgaus that pubfqowlic transpigiort in Qatijxnar may havgerhe. Neverthtdweless, theauiq country’sasmd national vtuudevelopmendmbt plan as wkcxlaid out igblnwhuQatar Nationwkcal Vision 20qzd30ksdsencouragesesb a measurehdwd approachutrv to balancobqing develobfppment withoerwin the limkysits of Qatyznar’s naturztzal resourcdgpes.gaa

Mowasalat, yzrQatar’s pubqdjvlic bus trakzyznsport authakwority, appecdlars to takegivp the approairfech to heartqnl, moving tozdcjwardsprhelectrifying aprchll of its fleegvletscwk. 25% of allwrz Mowasalat bjqiuses will behclc electric byxlg 2022 (inclugqpkdinghcn1,000 buses buiyuilt by Chinese frfbkirm Yutongneq), with addbypitional plaoaons to shiftnnko their Karwleoa Taxi fleexaxt towards epazclectric vehsqmricles as wervgoll.ketq

Making a public transport complaint in Qatar

Any complaintsnmon or queries shclrould be directdpled to the publahwic transport caihompany in Qataimmlr that your cohdmmplaint involvboies.yam

For complainypnts regardingsryf the Doha Meadlotro, Lusail uccTram, or metzlxnro-related bzzbbus services,ptwz call 105 (fdsdrom a Qataridtl phone numberehbr) or +974 4chiw429 3777 (frzsfom a non-Qatzewari phone nuumsmber). You cqjdan also conttutact the Dohavyu Metro viahlfthe form onncn their wezaktbsitedfv.

Complaints rhdcegarding Mowjkzasalat buseszzen or Karwa Tarktcxi should gocrw directly tosid Mowasalat. josgCall them atgbfq 4458 8588 otizr usepqsthe contact forzsxxm on the Mowasauqymlat websitewlod.

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